Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Randomness thy name is.........


I have become obsessed with sewing moss. I don't know why exactly; perhaps because I haven't seen the real thing in awhile. When finished this will be the top of a pincushion. Not that I really need another pincushion.  Other randomness from the weekend; New Fridge made it into the house. The process wasn't a smooth one 

Made banana bread. Woke up next day with giant pool drain lips.  Not sure if there was any connection. Two days spent on the couch in an anti-histamine haze and  I'm mostly back to normal. I'll be keeping a food diary and checking labels for a while.
And then there's this...

This looks like torture but the cat loves this. He purrs and drools with absolute happiness. The dog (Buck) was half asleep when the cat (Sherlock) jumped up and presented himself for ear cleaning.  Sherlock had to walk on top of Buck to get into this position and no one is holding him there.  Aww family time on the couch.

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  1. Love your blog. I always have enjoyed your sense of humor and your perspectives on life. Keep blogging and I will keep reading. Hope the fridge makes it inside!
    Nancy from Eureka...


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