Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Mailing

Hats : Ellen's Knit Hat
Slippers: Beginner knit slippers

Knitting this month for The Ships Project was kept stalling out on me. The need for solid black wool is waning. It's already in the fifties/sixties in southern Afghanistan and they are starting to think about staying cool. Such news is hard to take while it's 35 degrees here. So with black wool out, the need runs to ships and medical units. They want soft colorful things. Soft is not a problem, Caron Simply Soft and Red Heart Soft are both approved , readily available, and easy care.  The stumbling block for me is this: What is a bright guy color?

Having knit for the men in my family for years, I can tell you anything bright or too patterned will cause carping from the recipient. Granted none of them live in a gray ship or are in hospital. But still, the only way my brother would wear a bright colored hat was if it had horns on it.

In the end I went with the super soft blue and mixed it with a multi color I found in the attic. (Yes, I have so much yarn that I lost some in the attic for a few years.)
Everything goes out on Monday heading off to Florida and from there to parts unknown.

For more information about The Ships Project or the patterns click on the links below.

The Ships Project main site, on Ravelry, and their Yahoo group .

Cheers and have a happy Sunday!

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