Friday, March 25, 2011

Signs of Spring

Dwarf Iris


Mrs White on the move

very localized frost heave

The spring melt has come to my little valley. Snow is receding. More ground is revealed every day. Sometimes so fast that you can hear the ground breathing. Almost as if the earth itself is taking a deep breath; enjoying the freshness of the spring air. Little pockets of green are popping up here and there as we get more sunny days. The dwarf iris are always the first to push up through the slush.  Like a brilliant blue exclamation point in the snow smashed landscape. Birds returning to the feeders and the hens are singing.


So happy to have dirt again!

What's a little rain?

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  1. Oh Merry, this is great!!! you should start you book---seasons of young womanhood... or a day in the life of .....
    Love you,


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