Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Finds

Spring is trying to make an appearance even though there's fresh snow on the mountain tops.
 Aside from rhubarb and shrooms here's some other stuff I stumbled across;

Eagles of Hornby Island Webcam   -  view into the nest

Poopscape Projects  - First; I find the name amusing (yes, I am a child.) Second; this woman is seriously talented. I am absolutely charmed by these little glowing houses. I have no idea what I'd do with it but I love them. The memo wall may be going up in my office/sewing room in the near future.

Natural Canvas Mountain Man Wall Tent

Chez Beeper Bebe;  Mooshy Belly Bunny pattern and tute

Little Monster softie

Funny book not really about knitting by the always amusing Yarn Harlot.

Great read if you've ever wanted a dog, had a dog, loved a dog, lost a dog, or ever seen a dog.

 Down the Garden Path by Beverley Nichols
1930's classic garden memoir

Bodkin : both a useful item and fun to say.

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