Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Report

Look who came to visit this weekend! We don't often see elk in our fields even thought two fairly large herds live in the valley. I always forget how big they are until I see one up close. (The grass around the feeder is knee high on me.) This girl stayed at the salt lick for about half an hour then went back up the hill into the wilds.

In the war on mucus, a little headway has been made. Mom is feeling better, not great but she's functional. I am still plugged. My ##//**!! eustachian tubes are still blocked. Things seemed to have calmed down to a slight headache rather then my head exploding, but I still feel like I'm a few fathoms under water. I have gained a greater understanding for the annoyance of having hearing loss.

It was also an interesting weather weekend. We had a series of thunder storms roll through. And I mean roll through. It would be sunny and blue sky, then a dark cloud would come over the mountain. You could watch the sheets of rain coming across the fields. One such storm brought thunder and lightening and fried the fax machine. The poor thing started ringing and kept printed sheets saying there had been a memory error. (I feel like doing that some days.)

In food news, I tested out my new Ebelskiver pan. There is definitely a learning curve to turning the little puffs of goodness. I used this recipe from I was out of sour cream so I used yogurt instead. Still completely yummy! (also good made in a waffle iron)

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