Friday, August 5, 2011

the internet is strange place

So anyone who's been logged on for more than 10 minutes knows there is a site for everything and then some. That lesson was repeated the other day while I was looking for information about building a ship's ladder. I need to do something about accessing my hay loft. For the past ten years there was a set of exterior stairs on the north side of the barn. So they finally rotted out. I was just going to replace what was there until the words exterior and north side of barn finally percolated through my brain. Interior stairs were a better idea, but I don't want to use up the floor space or actually build stairs. This is the point at which Google in it's infinite wisdom came up with Stair Yes it's an actual site dedicated to all things stairs. The mind boggles.

photo from Southern Living
So back to the ships ladder, this is the idea - a ladder with built in hand holds.

Mine won't be a pretty as the mahagony set but with enough sanding it will get the job done. I still have a lot of sanding to do.

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