Thursday, September 15, 2011

big holes and small hats

photo from August

 It's dark, trying to rain and there's a bite in the air. I went for a walk to try and break out of the allergy induced funk I'm in this morning; only to fall into a squirrel hole. Stupid digger squirrels. Their making my field look like a bombing range. So after getting my dog to stop laughing at me, he's a very un-sympathetic dog, I returned to the couch and finished baby hats.

The Ships Project people send out baby gifts for babies born into the Air Force Pararescue community. These guys are one of the original groups to receive stuff from the Ships Project. Dad has been deployed multiple times and will be moving from Texas to Alaska this fall with his wife and baby. I would imagine the whole family will be needing hats. Talk about a temperature change! With group membership above 2000, baby Sadie (born on 9/13) should be good to go.

Information about my stuff will eventually be on my Ravelry page, and more info about The Ships Project is here. Next month is the beginning of hat season fro the group so these will the last small things I make for quite so time to come.

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