Monday, September 5, 2011

Updates for forgotten stuff

So in July I sent off a box of knits for Japan and then promptly forgot all about them. It's been so long that Ginny at Small Things has changed the button! The deadline for shipping was July 15 and they were hopping to get 400 items to send over. Well Ginny received over 800 and Betsy's final total was 1451! She and her family have been sending boxes over regularly to their son and will be joining him in Japan this September to distribute everything. For more information about this project go Small Things blog and Betsy's blog The Simple Life of a Queen .

I made this chicken a while ago too and just now took a pic of him. He's completely useless and I smile every time I see him. (pattern info is on my Ravelry page) On the topic of things that make me smile, the dancing tomato I found on flicker a while ago. I like this guy so much that I'll be changing my blog title and address in the near future. Well actually just as soon as I can figure out how to do that. If you are a subscriber or add yourself to the followers list (I just added it at the bottom) my new address should be mailed to you automatically. If not, I be giving a days notice before the switch.

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