Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A different kind of guest..

What is the proper protocol for hunting season?
Are people that are hunting on my property guests?  What are the rules of hospitality here?

For the last three years the same group of four guys and sometimes their kids have come to my corner of the world to go deer hunting. Often they want to cut down trees and add to our wood pile while they're here. (What is it with men and chainsaws?) Mostly they seem thrilled to freeze in the frosty corners of my fields. Weird.
When "normal guests" come I usually obsess over feeding them. Having come from a childhood of intensive Grandma training, where all people who come to the house must be starving. I should have coffee and nibbles. Grandma would insist on two kinds of pie and possibly a coffee cake. To do otherwise would be scandalous. But deer hunters aren't exactly house guests. They're more like pedestrians with hazardous accessories. They're here at first light and at dusk. Disappearing in between. Even when they are here, they're not really here; more like armed traffic cones scattered in the margins.

Has anyone ever really needed pie?

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