Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting a new resident

 The brother of one my neighbors is moving south and not taking his cat with him. I was so shocked and offended that he'd leave his cat behind. Not only that but considered having him put down or abandoning the poor animal on to the streets of Spokane. What?! A perfectly healthy de-clawed cat destroyed?! Abandoned in the city? And with winter about to start?!
I have issues about the de-clawing too but that pales in comparison.
I personally have never given up a pet, even the obnoxious cat who repeatedly attacked my dog and peed on the radiator grates. But that's me, I believe if you get an animal, it's yours for life. No matter what happens after the cute stage wears off.
So being completely offended I told the irresponsible clod to give me the cat. Sunday I will meet Clyde for the first time when I bring him home. Hopefully he'll settle in without too much fuss, poor guy. I'm setting up the guest room for him.
Bucky should be fine, he'll be happy for a new set of ears to clean. Thumbs will be the real problem, as she only partly tolerates Sherlock (cat #2). Should be interesting.
This is probably the start of my descent into being a crazy cat lady.
People are really such jerks.

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