Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dutch Baby and Berries

The new year started off with a high of 20 degrees and iced over sidewalks. So with a roaring fire in the stove and strawberries from the freezer I threw together a fabulous New Year's breakfast.
 My Dutch Baby recipe is from an old copy of The Best of Sunset. It's one of those really simple dishes that always seems spectacular and decadently festive. It's really just a giant pancake that puffs in the oven and then piled with good things. This time I smothered it with yogurt and berries. It's equally lovely with fried apples and maple syrup.
There is something wonderful about having summer fruit while it's below freezing outside.

Head over to  http://dutchbabypancakerecipe.blogspot.com/ for lots of recipes and variations.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year too.

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