Monday, February 27, 2012

I miss color.....

It's snowed again over the weekend and there is more on the way this week. It's cold and dark; and I want Spring. I've turned into a small whiny child. I want Spring. I want flowers and color and light!

I did the same thing last year too.

I think Bucky has the right idea. It's a good day to go back to bed and stay there. I  however am trying to overcome that impulse and be somewhat productive. I've got 'A Year in Provence' on the tube and am trying to finish up a baby set. I will say this is an ideal time to work on baby things. The yarn is so soft and cheerful, it almost makes me forget that its 15 degrees outside. Almost.

Also in progress is a set of very flowery pillowslips. (Another attempt to stave off winter madness.)  The last pic is of my new pile of pom pom trims. I'm leaving it on a table in the living room. It just makes me smile to see it laying there. Such a silly thing, pom pom trim. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I love it.

Other good things I found recently include the blog Lists of Note. Found via 101 Cookbooks last week. I need to print out and frame "Things to Worry About". (Extremely good advice. Why didn't my Dad ever send me such good advice?)

Good bloggy advice here.
I do apologize too much.  I think it may be genetic. My grandmother, who was a champion pie maker, brought everything to the table with a disclaimer. The crust not being quite right or the filling being bit too runny. I do the same thing with everything. I think it may be some sort of back handed way to provoke a response from the family. (Who are not the most effusive people.) Of course now that I think of it; I'm incapable of accepting a compliment either. 

So clearly I'm nuts and descend from a long line of emotionally stunted women. 

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