Sunday, March 11, 2012

Toy Society Drop # 2

Presenting -  Purple Tooth Monster. 
I forgot about arms until after I had sewn him together. So he looks like a big purple tooth. I made him a hat to disguise that a little. There will be a lot of purple stuff in the future; I have 5 yards of purple felt. (Walmart had it on sale, 50 cents a yard, how could I resist?)

Anonymously leaving toys is harder than I thought it would be. One must find a  place that gets enough foot traffic so that the toy is found and yet not so much that makes leaving the toy impossible. Proximity to government buildings is problematic. And a lone adult wandering around a playground with a bag and a camera draws attention too. I decided on the church steps in Marcus this time mainly so I could look like a tourist taking pictures of a rural church and not some kind of nutter or a terrorist. 

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