Thursday, April 5, 2012


For weeks one of our Banty hens has been brooding. Staunchly sitting on her nest egg. (The nest egg is a fake egg with an face on it to remind the girls where they ought to be laying. Chickens sometimes forget.) Last year we snuck chicks under our broody hens and let them raise the new people. We had some mixed results but over all it worked out. Well except for Junior who turned into Godzilla Chicken. But I digress. So with the beginning of Chick Days at our feed store, 12 new chicks came home. Chicken logic being right up there with Murphy's Law, no one will take them. Goldie #1, who has been on a nest for most of a month, decided yesterday to get up and refuse to go back. So my little mother hen fantasy died and we got out the heat lamp. They'll hang out in the chick brooder for a few weeks until they get enough feathers to be out in the big world  aka the former duck house/run.. In the mean I shall try not to play with them too much as they are  Cornish Cross Broilers - as in destined for the pot.            

Mrs. White and Goldie #1 after running away from peeping chicks.

Here the girls are frolicking in the new grass and chasing the dog. No one wants to play Mom this year.

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