Friday, May 18, 2012

Pinafore problems


Thing 2 is turning 4 this month and being a masochist, I'm sewing for her. Somewhere in the last couple of years I decided I would do something handmade for the kids at every holiday/birthday. Well all week I've been struggling to make a pinafore. I have a pattern for a basic one but I had a better idea. Why I can't just do the pattern as written I don't know. Mine is going to have ruffles and be reversible. Thing 2 is the queen of ruffles so that is a must. Thanks to the internet the ruffle addition isn't a problem. Making it reversible however is another matter. Getting the neck lined and then trying to turn it properly has pushed mental capabilities to the limit. Granted since I was nuked by chemo my mental abilities aren't what they used to be,  but still. It's just a small apron. It shouldn't be this hard. I've had to take several rest breaks when my brain turned into overcooked oatmeal along the way and there have been some major melt downs. Last night being the worst when a screw driver turned up in the lettuce crisper. Mom laughed and just put it away. Living with me often means a continuous game of charades while I  struggle to find the proper word, but tools in the refrigerator doesn't happen that often.  Logically I know this a minor thing. There are a lot of people who live with far more serious and debilitating problems than household items appearing in the refrigerator. A touch of chemo induced dementia (chemo brain to the support groups) is not the end of the world. But seeing that screw driver in with the asparagus made me want to throw myself on the floor like some over sugared toddler, wailing and screaming at the injustice of it all. I refrained, maintained my dignity,  poured a stiff drink and watched a comedy with the dog.
 The pinafore is moving along, I just need to attach the ties and finish off the ruffles. Hopefully I can do that without anymore brain malfunctions. And if not, Thing 2 is 4 and won't care if I go with a back up gift.

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