Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To the coast and back

walking down to Buck Bay

There's nothing quite like chest pains to bring the family together. Last week my grandfather had a emergency trip to the cardiologist and my brother and I went to stay the week on Orcas Island with him and our Dad. The prognosis isn't great. As Grandpa says "My ticker's worn out and I'm past the warranty."  We had a lovely week with the family on Orcas. The island treated us to some lovely spring sites.
Now I'm home again and wrung out. 


  1. Orcas Island is a beautiful place. My husband and I spent our anniversary there a couple of years back, loved every minute there. Did you grow up there? I hope that you get to spend many more blissful moments with your grandfather there....

  2. Thanks for comment -I grew up in northern California (very northern) but my Grandparents have had a place over by Olga since the 1950's. So we've had lots of holidays and summers on the island. I hope to have more time there with my Grandpa too.


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