Monday, August 6, 2012

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The lettuce, by some minor miracle, hasn't keeled over in the heat yet. So I've bunches of butter crunch for salads along with piles of pesto pasta. I made a huge batch of pesto and froze most of it, but not before making an enormous pot of pesto linguine. It was heavenly! I did try to freeze some of the pesto in ice cube trays. This was supposed to be an easy way to store it in manageable amounts. However, when it came time to break it out of the trays it wouldn't come. I ended up partially thawing them and then bagging it. If anyone has a better way to store frozen pesto please let me know. This was very frustrating.

In other garden news the first of the beets have come in. I was so impressed  with our harvest that I thought we'd have enough to make pickled beets,  always a salad bar favorite. Alas, while looking impressive it only made two pints. And then one jar didn't seal. I used this recipe, picked completely at random. Any one have a favorite recipe if I get enough beets to try again?

It's been too hot in the afternoons to be productive outside so I've been trying to sew. Trying being the operative word, since half the time I'm exhausted from my mornings in the garden. That and I am easily distracted, my bed and a pile of new books being especially hard to resist. Thing 1 and 2 will eventually be the recipients of my work. Providing I ever finish the moose shirt. 

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