Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sun dresses for fall

Finally finished the crocheted collared dresses for Thing 2. My timing is as always off kilter. Hopefully California's north coast will have an Indian summer so she doesn't have to wear a turtle neck under these. The yellow dress (which I really should have ironed before photographing) went together really fast. I should have known that would lead to problems with the plaid. It took me forever to find something that would match the lite blue of the collar in my fabric stash. Then I had the brilliant idea to use a lace pillowslip as lining. My seam ripper got lots of exercise while I tried to get the lace to end up facing the right way. I had to call in Mom to finally get everything pinned and then turned the right direction.

Now I'm onto a camp shirt for Thing 2 and the collar is breaking my brain. I really hope this is building brain cells and not burning them.

Time for more coffee.


FYI: crochet collar pattern is free from Lulu Loves  and the very cool button is from a stash I bought from Lisa of Lil Fish Studios.

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