Monday, August 13, 2012


Baby Robins in the grape arbor.

new baby

old baby

Zucchini - Zucchetta Trombolina 

The weekend seemed to fly by. Lots happening in the gardens, new arrivals, and friends dropping by.  Mrs Brown has been setting again. (I remembered to write down when she started this time.) On Saturday her first egg hatched. She has abandoned  one of her other eggs but she's still on the nest with a blue egg. This will be the last batch of eggs sired by  Mr Fancy-pants. He had been getting more aggressive with us this last year and after one more round of rooster golf, he took a short walk to the woodshed. The chicken yard is much quieter these days.

In the garden, harvest time is upon us.The zucchini is going nuts and we dug the potato bed with some help from Bucky. The potato plants hadn't died off all the way but a mouse had taken taken up residence. So it was either dig them now or loose the crop.The mouse seemed to have a preference for the Yellow Fins , he mostly left the reds alone.  As it was the harvest weighed in at 25 pounds!!  I can't fault the mouse for his excellent taste, the yellow fins are marvelous.

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