Thursday, October 11, 2012

KCWC : Moose Shirt

Moose shirt

Pattern: Simplicity #5581
Fabric: batik moose print bought locally

I cut out this shirt sometime this summer with the thought of the boy wearing it while camping. Seemed logical, make a camp shirt for , you know, going camping. It turned into the never ending, brain killing project. I partially view my sewing projects as brain building exercises in the battle against chemo brain. This shirt, or rather the collar, turned me into mush. The pattern instructions for applying the collar and front facings make no sense. It used a here before unseen technique that quite frankly kicked my butt. After ripping out the same seam three times, I threw the thing at my mom in defeat and had to lay down until my brain recovered from it's state of overcooked oatmeal. 

Poor Mother fixed the wretched thing. It still has some issues, but I can't stand to work on it anymore. I'm handing it over to Thing 1 safe in the knowledge that small boys don't look at seam lines.  

moose shirt

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