Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hunting for something

 It's been raining for the last three days. Which hasn't really affected us much as we've all been laying low for the duration of deer season.  I tend to stick close to the house during hunting season, only venturing out in the middle of the day covered in red woolens.  This year the road hunters have been especially bad, making me very happy my place is set back so far. Of course that did lead to strange trucks coming up my road. As to the group I gave permission to; I had the continuing problem of how to behave. These guys aren't relatives, they're not staying at the house. Yet they're shivering up in the hay loft and out in the corners of my fields for most of a week. My years of Grandma training demand hospitality must be shown. But what is the proper etiquette? They are here to hunt.  So is offering the random cup of coffee and keeping the dog quiet the thing to do? Should I have them in for nibbles by the fire? It was 19 degrees one morning they were here. Such a foreign and strange past time to my upbringing. My Grandma's training and need to feed people won out last weekend. So Mom and I put on brunch for them. It proved a good excuse to test out a breakfast casserole, should we have relatives for the holidays.

This is just one more instance that reinforces the need for life to come with a manual. Of course with chemo brain I'd probably loose my copy or it would end up in the crisper with all my screwdrivers.

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