Monday, November 5, 2012

Up in the air




Since my last posting Mother Nature has  reinforced the notion that humans really are fragile creatures that really shouldn't be wandering around without proper supervision.  The weekend before the East Coast got munched by Sandy, I picked a fight with gravity. Not surprisingly gravity won. One really shouldn't over rotate while apple picking to look at a squash.  It never ends well. So I spent most of my week with ever darkening bruises where the ladder rungs had been stamped into my left side.  It being November, the call for Christmas ornaments to go out the armed services has come again. So my enforced couch time went to making an army of flying pigs and snowmen. Flying pigs somehow seemed appropriate to both military life and current events.  It's been raining and dark here all week, not the best for photography, but these guys and some hats and slippers have to be shipped. So no time to wait on good lighting. I really should make a light box and avoid these problems. That probably wouldn't stop them from all turning towards the wall though. 

Info on Superstorm Sandy  
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