Monday, April 1, 2013

Kidding around

Last week's bears heading out in their velvet bow ties.



Random craftiness

little bear test

Last week flew by followed by a busy weekend. Spring is arriving fast these days. The hens have gone into high production after taking the winter off. The robins are back; and the deer are out in force eating the new grass and getting ready for babies. 
The baby goats are at a farm on the other side of the hill from us. They've had nine kids in the last four days. Mom and I went and fawned all over them. Drank goat's milk and ate far too much Dill Chevre while we were there.  By the time we had made it home we'd mentally redesigned the barn for goat housing and a small milking parlor.  It was a lovely afternoon with the goats but I think for now we'll be visiting them when we go to get fresh cheese. 

On Sunday we had Easter with friends and sat in the sun on the deck. It was glorious!

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