Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weekend Goats

Alpine buckling

Mom and Elle Barton in the kid pen


Icelandic lamb

More farm visits over the weekend. Fist stop was to the Barton dairy for cream topped Jersey milk and fresh goat milk. Although the milk was really just and excuse to play with the new kids. Being in the kid pen is a little like the inside of a bounce house at the grade school party. Small bodies richochting of everything. Such fun. If our barn was more closed in; there would have a goat in the back of the Honda on the way home.

The second stop was to  Me2 Farm to talk wool with Jane.  She has Montadale sheep, Cashmere fiber producing goats; and processes fibers for spinning. She just started picking a batch of Qiviut from Alaska when we arrived. Even unwashed it was wonderfully soft. Jane is veritable fount of knowledge on all thing wool and a master spinner.  Someday soon I plan to take spinning lessons from her.

Before any animals can come home; I've got to see if I can make a Mountain lion proof space in one of the out buildings. Then comes fencing. 

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