Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Goat Bunker

So more field trips to neighboring farms to play with goats has shifted us from looking at goats to preparing for our own goat. Currently we're leaning toward a Saanen with a baby. My thinking is an older goat will know what it's supposed to be doing and the baby will take care of the milking.  I know it's a dubious plan, starting off with the goat knowing more than me. Anyway, Mom and I are going with the Go Big or Go Home plan of action on this. So cross your fingers for us.

The first step is goat housing. Since there are things with sharp teeth  in my neighborhood; the woodshed is being converted to a safe house aka The Goat Bunker. The north end will be walled up except for a heavy dutch door. This will make it easier to lead the goats up to the pole barn; which I have partly fenced in as a loose house/ loafing barn.

goat bunker

So the Goat Bunker will be night time lock up so no one gets eaten by the mountain lion.  Construction has already begun. I have the sore muscles to prove it. 

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