Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catching up


Seems like time is flying by at a faster rate these days. The warmer weather and near constant rain has the garden looking like a jungle. I really need to mow the lawn, we're starting to loose the bantams in it. The tomatoes are finally in the ground. Like everyone else in the county we've have a strange spring weather wise. Really hot for a week and then snow flurries. I feel like I'm playing catch up with the garden. Of course the addition of goats could be part of my problem. Dragging Nellie around (she's still not a fan of her leash) takes me away from weeding. Not that I really mind, I mean weeds vs cute goats. Yeah goats win. 

Of course Mike screwed up most of last week. Four days of him yelling from the top of a fir tree did put a crimp in things. He was retrieved on Thursday afternoon. (Thank you Mr. C and Mr. S.)  Mike, who weathered two thunder storms and constant rain, wasn't even wet. He's lost some weight and is very clingy but seems to be no worse for wear. He ever goes near that tree again I may kill him myself. The whole episode was very traumatic. 

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