Friday, May 3, 2013

WIP: Goat bunker

Closing in the north end of the former woodshed. 

Giant cedar poles to hold up the corral fencing. 

Plywood going up over the stud wall. I think I may need a window.

Loafing barn with 6 foot no climb fencing.  Over 1000 square feet of covered goat playground. Fenced pasture to the left.

I'm shooting for picking up my goat by Mother's Day.  We've got a deposit on a two year old Saanen (Nellie) and her twins. I couldn't just take one twin; that seemed cruel to Nellie.  Besides after my pathetic milking attempt, I'll need the help.

I need lots of help anyway. My week of digging holes and using power tools has caught up with me. My right hand resembles an arthritic claw this morning. Too many hours using tools that were made to fit big man hands. I have a cordless drill motor that fits my hands better but it's too wimpy to do very much. Especially since I tend to over build. Of course it wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't changed my mind a dozen times when putting up the stud wall. Oh well my goat bunker will last to the next millennium.

Time for more Ben Gay. Any thoughts on names for my doelings?

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