Friday, June 28, 2013

Under attack

Mrs. Brown enjoys roses too.

It's been a busy morning so far. Milked the goat by 6.30 - almost a quart of milk! That's a record for Nellie, she earned her raisins today. On the way back to the house to strain the milk a humming bird flew into the side of my head. We both were quiet shocked. After setting the milk into an ice bath I went back out to do the chickens, where the same humming bird nearly hit me again. Not sure what that's about. A Bantam bounced off my shin on her way out the door. Every one's in a hurry today. They must know that now the rain has finally stopped we're in for a heat wave. Supposed to be over 100 next Tuesday. 

Anyway the morning chores ended with an angry cloud of Yellow Jackets boiling into the big hen house when I opened the vent window.  A very pissed bee chased me out the door and stung me on the hand. My right hand. I don't have life threatening reactions to bee stings, but I am a sweller. In the past a sting on the hand will swell into a lobster claw and extend up to my elbow. It's been 3 hours and so far the ice packs and Benadryl have kept it localized. So I'm hoping not to be out of commission all weekend. 

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