Thursday, March 12, 2015

March Madness

Last fall  flew by in something of a blur.  In addition to usual firewood roundup ( IE  me fighting with the chainsaw) there was also the matter of building a new woodshed, and arranging a little romance for my goats. 
Then it was winter.   Which wasn't nearly as harsh as the East coast but still. 


Went to Idaho for a boyfriend for Nellie. Here's Bilbo playing hide and seek behind a post.  He's a total goof ball and much nicer than all the goat books make buck goats out to be. 
So baby goats are coming next!
Since I haven't been spazzed out enough over the eminent goat births, we got a puppy. You know to use up all that free time I had since finishing construction on Bilbo's bachelor pad.  Actually Stella , an  Aussie Shepard  lab mix, will grow up to be a goat dog.  A furry warning system to alert us to coyotes.  Currently she's  annoying the cats and following poor aged Buck around like some kind of doggy mini me.

Now that she's stopped trying to nurse on him, Buck likes her.

Especially when she's asleep.

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  1. These are really nice photos. Your dogs are so cute. Good luck with your woodshed. Keep us posted.


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