Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Springing along







Baby goats have completely taken over my life. and possibly melted my brain.  Everything is regulated by the bottle feeding schedule.  Which really isn't that big a deal but still it has completely thrown me out of wack.  Not that it takes much but still.  I put dirty clothes in the dryer, milk in the coffee pot and coffee in the dog dish.  Buck likes some milk on his oatmeal and dog kibble in the morning.  The coffee maker was pain to clean and the dog was not amused.  But little goaties are so cute who really cares if I've lost my mind.

We did have to re-name Cosmo because along with the aforementioned lapses I  managed to miss that Cosmo is a girl.  I can only say she was covered in slime and afterbirth at the time and I didn't really check that end again for a few days.  So Cosmo is now Daisy. 

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  1. wow, these are really lovely pictures and these baby goats are really cute. Thanks for sharing it with us, Can I get one for myself?


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