Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random thoughts

seed shopping supervisor
Growing up in California there are many winter concerns that never occurred to me.

The imminent arrival of New Fridge would have brought on several thoughts ; do the delivery people have good directions? what needs to be cleaned out/around the old fridge?  Now there's also the snow consideration - is the walked shoveled wide enough? do I need more de-icer? is driveway clear enough for the truck? do they have snow tires? should I get it plowed again? Will it be snowing on delivery day? hmmmm

Seed catalogs also take on much more importance. They start arriving when the days are very short and dark. Colorful reminders that spring is coming, eventually. Glossy pictures and evocative plant descriptions are held with rapt attention before the fireplace. Saved seed is inventoried and plot lists are gone over with military precision.
Do you stick with old favorites or try a newcomer? Did we save enough poppy seeds? Can you ever have enough poppies? 

Some of my favorite catalogs:
Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds
Nichols Garden Nursery
Select Seeds

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