Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last week I had posts all planned and fun and interesting things to post. Then the earth creamed Japan. So Friday went to watching CNN and trying to find out about any damage to northern California. The national news kept saying the only area affected was Crescent City. "An 8 foot wave swept the area." Well Mom's family is one of the original pioneer families in the area. The family dairy is still in operation by Smith River. So the news of an 8 foot wave was rather alarming. (By the way the 'e' in Del Norte is silent.) As it turned out the tsunami was more of big tide. It still destroyed the harbor, but didn't go over the sea wall into town. Thank you CNN for never including that bit of information.

Anyway my time spent glued to watching Japan turn to rubble was a complete nausea inducing waste. I finished my horned hat for Thing 1. I'm much happier with how the horns turned out, and the hat will actually fit a six year old.  The hat and some Lego's are heading his way.

So now it's Tuesday and Japan is still creamed. For ways to donate and avoid scammers, Apartment Therapy has list of really good links and info. (What does it say about the human race that you have to double check a charity to make sure it's legit.)

Annekata had some really nice thoughts on the quake and importance of empathy.

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