Thursday, March 10, 2011

Savory Crepes

I love crepes! They come in so many forms, flavors and fillings! Last night for dinner I made Savory crepes filled with cottage bacon, asparagus, and cheese. The classic is of course with thin slices of ham, but I'm currently allergic to ham. Some sort of strange leftover from chemo,  shellfish and ham make my head swell and give me pool drain lips. Go figure.  So I used bacon, but not just any bacon. Redneck Cottage Bacon. It's thick sliced smooked bacony goodness. It's more like ham than grocery store bacon. Not that most grocery store bacon is all that bacony. (We take bacon very seriously in our family.) Anyway locally the markets have had asparagus on sale for weeks. A sure sign it's spring somewhere.

So with the rain pouring off the metal roof outside,  WE HAD CREPES!

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