Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a break in the clouds

 The rain let up for a bit this morning, so Buck and I took a ramble up the fields and through the woods. The hills have burst into life the last few weeks. Everything has greened up and is blooming. Though it plays havoc with my allergies I love this time of the year. Everything that has been dormant all winter seems to rush back to life in these first few days of warm weather.  The hills around my valley are awash with blooms and little out-cropping's of pioneer plants spring up.

Amelanchier - Serviceberry
 Forest golf ball
 Currants in full bloom. It's either the red or white. I can't remember which.
Buckey was not in this shot when I was focusing. Somehow he manages to run into about half of my pics without me being aware of it. He's not there when I'm taking the shot, then when I download the camera; there he is. I don't know how he does this. He's like a reverse vampire. Only appearing in pics after they are developed.

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