Friday, May 6, 2011

Chicken News

After taking away her mound of eggs, I felt bad for Mrs. White and put two regular eggs in her nest. She was determined to set and  nothing could persuade her off the nest. The brown eggs from the big hens have a least a chance of being fertilized, but I wasn't really sure.  Apparently being smaller than the hens hasn't slowed Mr. Fancy-pants down.

 Mrs. White has still got another egg and seems very happy to keep the chick under her feathers. I think his egg mama was one of the Rhoda Island Reds. So baby will soon be towering over Mrs White.

Meanwhile in the other chicken yard.......
 This Buff Orpington has given up sitting on eggs and is now sitting on her friends. She has decided this little brown hen is her chick and won't leave her alone. There are other nest boxes to sit in if she'd like but she won't budge. The gold hen just snuggles in and tucks the little hen under her wing.

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