Saturday, July 16, 2011

What do you do all day?

Don't you get bored?  These are often repeated refrains from friends and family, and most recently my doctor. Post leukemia, post chemo, post moving to 20 acres in eastern Washington. Sometimes I feel like all I do is explain how life is different than before all those posts.
Before I was in school, I worked as a bookkeeper, and did CAD along with everything else in your average life.
Then the big C.  A completely life altering experience for my entire family.
Now I'm allergic to nearly everything, have issues with anxiety, live with chemo-brain and wonky ovaries.
Ah, chemo-brain, a thick brain fog that brings a slightly demented house elf into you're life. It hides things, moves random objects from room to room and leaves weird stuff in the refrigerator. Shortens attention span and makes me hunt for words. In short - chemo-brain is damned irritating!
So getting back to the original question, what do I do? Most of the time I couldn't tell you what I did the day before. I know I was up and doing stuff - just not entirely sure what. That's part of the reason I got into The Ships Project and Knit for Japan. It has clear deadlines and a tangible product. I can look at a pile of hats or cool ties and know where my time went. Outside projects are less obvious unless its something like the wood pile. Which I need to start working on again.
Maybe that's what this blog is for; proof I haven't been nuked into obsolescence.
Anyway I'm never bored.


Knit for Japan mailing ended July 15. My box included 9 hats, 3 pairs of fingerless gloves, and 1 cow washcloth. All of the pattern and yarn info are on my Ravelry page. (I have become completely obsessed with Ravelry. Thousands of free things and you can see how almost every yarn works up. And membership is free!)

Cool ties are off to Florida and then to parts unknown.

And I made a bench.

I'll have photos just as soon as blogger stops acting up.  It completely changed my wordless wednesday  pic.

Okay enough about chemo-brain. I'll be back next week with frivolity and a Many-Berry Cobbler.

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