Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mohair Shawl no. 2

 Thumbs and I have come to a detente over the mohair. She is keeping the remains of the first shawl and all future mohair endeavors are mine. I wasn't very happy with the stitch pattern for the first one anyway. For no.2, I changed needles and am using the dimensions from the Peachtree Street shawl pattern. I tried the crochet pattern but it's just too hard to work in the mohair. I'm hating mohair less. The more I work with it the less itchy it becomes, but it's still tricky and likes to knot.

Peachtree Street Shawl

Here's Shawl no.2. I cast on 110 stitches and then just went ahead with 'oblique openwork' (aka 'diagonal eyelets'). When it's blocked out it should give me a mesh sort of texture like in the Peachtree shawl.

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