Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pics of Christmas Eve

frozen fog branches
I'm watching you

Westie mug rugs
cookie tree
The last of the cookie dough

cranberry-ginger shortbread

cat masks

mustache cowl
Snow Goldie
The last few weeks have been a blur. Company has come and gone. It was a short but intense visit, and two days later I finally found my lists again. I'm down to neighbor gifts and finishing up things for Mom.  I have one more pan of fudge to cut and wrap and then I'm done.

I made a pre-Christmas feast last Wednesday while family was here so tonight Mom and I are making pizza. After the madness of last week I'm glad it's just us for the holiday. We had just enough snow fall this morning to make everything postcard perfect. The house smells like evergreens and tomato sauce and tonight will be spent with old movies on the couch with the dog.  Perhaps not a very traditional Christmas but I have to say it's absolutely wonderful.

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