Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The 80%

Here's Clyde, in his favorite chair playing with his foot, being disgustingly cute.  This is what Clyde does 80%  of the time.  He's charming and goofy. He begs for cheese and plays with his toys.  It's just that 20% that drives me round the bend. (Hence this weekends rant.) There's nothing like breaking up cat fights and staying up too late trying to doctor a cat butt to make one cranky.

With the craziness and irritation of last week I still nearly offered to take 2 abandoned kittens form the animal shelter. They're still being bottle fed every two hours. I bit my tongue before that offer made it out.

I must have some sort of cat induced neurosis.

No new cats. No new cats. No new cats.

At least not until Thumbs has fully recovered and Clyde has moved out to live in some male household where he'll be the only cat and spend his days eating cheese and being a goof ball.

Then maybe......

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