Saturday, January 14, 2012

This week in review

made pig
yelled at Clyde
made a pig 
rescued Thumbs from Clyde, again
made half a pig
pulled Thumbs from underneath the bath tub
put Clyde out in the snow
tried to clean a bite on Thumbs' thigh
left a message with the cat coordinator for the county animal shelter, Clyde must go
put salve on Thumbs' wound
let Clyde back in
finished a pig

Threw a slipper at Clyde when he  went after Thumbs again.
set up quarters for Thumbs upstairs
did my best to shave fur around the wound, applied more salve
vet can't see her until next Tuesday
sent photos of Clyde off to cat coordinator
tried to convince Tabby cat not to be an annoying little brother and let Thumbs heal. 
failed to keep Tabby cat from hanging upside down over Thumbs
Clyde is listed on Craig's List

Why did I want three cats?

I need a nap

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