Friday, January 6, 2012

Handmade Holiday 2011 re-cap

Sister in law chef apron

for Thing 2

for Thing 1

piles to be boxed up

Why I decided my brother's family all needed aprons is beyond me, but here they are. I fully blame Pinterest for having far too many cute kid aprons.  Halfway into the process I decided to trim both aprons in red gingham. Which turned out to be a major pain and no doubt a cause of Christmas insanity of which I'm still recovering. For future reference, don't make ten yards of gingham bias tape. It will make your eyes cross and refuse to behave while attaching it to a small canvas apron.

In the end, everything was a hit and the pictures of the kids in their new chef's hats makes up for whatever sanity I lost last month. Isn't that what really counts?

A far less stress inducing project was lavender filled owls. inspired by these, I made a few dozen palm size owls from scrap fabric. Mom and I had a blast putting on felt features one evening. It was a bit like being a little kid again. I can't tell you last time I did anything with felt eyes but this was a lot of fun. The only real problem came when it was time to parcel these out. I wasn't sure anyone other than me would be so enamored about having a lavender owl hanging out in their sock drawer. Personally I find the idea of having a small creature looking out at you as you look for a stray sock entertaining. I sent them off anyway.

I finally got around to updating my Ravelry page and discovered December was a very productive month. I was a knitting machine! It's a wonder my wrists still work at all.

Thing 1 & 2 in the Zsa hats or Batman and Robin as they call them.

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