Friday, March 16, 2012

Cats with long tails

 Everyone has heard about the perils of long tailed cats and rocking chairs, well now you can add sleeping too soundly by the fire place. Clyde likes to stretch out next to the wood stove. (A marvelous way to spend a rainy day I think.)  I was in another room when there came a terrible smell through the house. I thought something plastic must have been stuck to the log I had added since there was nothing near the stove. (I may be forgetful but I do keep flammable  objects away from the wood stove.)
 Hours later I noticed Clyde had a dirty spot on his tail. Odd because he is usually very fastidious about his fur. On closer inspection I discovered the source of the horrible smell. Clyde had melted!  The normally snowy white tip of his tail was now lightly toasted.
I've had cats and wood stoves most of my life and this is a first.  

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