Sunday, June 3, 2012

Toy Society drop #3

toy dropped  in the Walmart family restroom

A Purple Spotty Cat this time for The Toy Society drop.  I made this guy out of felt and scraps left on my sewing table from Thing 2's jumper.  It was raining so hard when I finished him I decided he needed a scarf too. Seems too cold to be the beginning of June. I shouldn't complain; soon enough it will be hot and I'll miss this. Anyway, I picked the family restroom for two reasons. One, it's a secluded spot where a person can take a photo without an audience or looking like a nut or a terrorist. Not an easy thing to do. Two, I imagine a family restroom in Walmart gets a lot of traffic especially by frazzled people with small children who may be in need of a purple cat.  I know Walmart always wears on my nerves and I don't shop with children en tow.

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