Monday, July 2, 2012

In my Kitchen

Tamale pie is an old family favorite.  My grandmother made it in mass, huge pans of it that barely fit in the oven. As a child I was always amazed at the size of her cookware. Casseroles  the size of sheet pans and cast iron skillets that started at 17" wide.  She was the master at cooking for a crowd. Her original version of this recipe started a day ahead by selecting a chicken out the flock. My Mom wrote down an updated version sometime in the 1990's for a family cookbook. No butchering needed.
Although if you are starting with a whole bird (for the freezer isle) I highly recommend getting a set of poultry shears. I purchased  a pair for our Cornish X adventure. It makes breaking down a bird so much easier, I don't worry about a slippery knife getting away from me. 

Grandma Helen's Tamale Pie
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