Monday, July 9, 2012

Then and Now

. My house circa 1920 with the original family. We think this is the Loft family shortly before they sold the property to the Makynen's. Over the weekend descendants of the Makynen's that had moved to the east came out to the house.

Mom and I were amazed to find that many of the outbuildings dated to the 1930's. Our woodshed was the original woodshed. The root cellar hasn't changed at all over the years, but the real shocker was our chicken house. Originally that room was a sauna. When we moved in it had been used as a bulldog lounge and where the beer fridge lived. The footprint of the building is the same but there is no trace of the sauna.

 Winter in 1970's  - dig the pink and gray siding! 
 It really was a treat to see the old photos and have the grandchildren of some of the original owners tell us about the property. When we moved in there was very little landscaping. One old apple tree at the back of the house and a clump of day lilies next to the house. I felt a real connection to Mrs. Makynen after hearing that her gardens were nearly in the same layout as ours. We've even planted a pair of Snowball bushes in nearly the same place she'd had them. Funny how things come around again. 

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