Friday, January 18, 2013

Knitting for small people


With the holidays still in the rear view, I have come to the unassailable fact that the smaller a person is the easier gift making/giving is. In fact if a person is brand new it's really easy. Actually I think I would prefer it if most of gift recipient's couldn't talk. Everything would be so much simpler, especially for knit things.
This came into my head as I was making baby shoes this week. As long as it not itchy, a baby is happy. Thing 1 and 2 on the other hand have reached the ages where they not only have opinions, but insist on sharing them. Yes, I know all part of growing up and having communication skills. But now I don't have anyone to make this fox scarf for.
                                                                       ource: via Dancing on Pinterest

Thing 1 has declared this to be lame and a strangling hazard. I thought it was cute and would be less hazardous than an ordinary scarf that was forever falling off. Oh well. I'll have to listen to the boy if I don't want to be the aunt from A Christmas Story. At least I would never send him a giant bunny suit.

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