Friday, March 1, 2013

Bearing up



 So J (of the fancy pants sock monkey) cleaned out her attic and found her Grandmother's guilt and some of her father's shirts. "How about Teddy Bears for the whole family?" Brilliant! What a lovely idea. Everyone in her large family will have a little piece of a family heirloom. 
Wait --- I've never made a bear. You want 25 bears for next Christmas? You want them to have move-able arms? 
After much time on the internet looking at patterns--- here's the first batch. The little guys are tests for a little bear out of a wedding suit. So far they don't look much like bears. 

Fun Fact : I curse more when at the sewing machine then any other time. Even using the big hammer. 

So far this project is rolling along fairly well. Although I have noticed on the days when I'm sewing heads, strange items do turn up in the refrigerator more often. 

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