Sunday, May 12, 2013

Goat Bunker -- size matters


I survived building my wall.  It tried to kill me several times and melted my brain more than once but it's done. Well it's not done done; I have to finish putting up the siding but it's predator proof. That was Thursday.  Take that Chemo brain!

On Friday, after a lot of coffee and an Advil; I finished up the milking stand. I followed the specs and when it was done it looked kind of small. So I added some more bracing and extended the deck. Figuring I was remembering the goat bigger than she was. I got the plans from Mother Earth News - they should know how big a milking stand should be right?

Well it's a 3-ish and 85 degrees (Spring came and went in about 3 days) It's time to stop over thinking the milk stand and get it into place. Nellie was coming the next day.  Mom and I haul it down the hill from the big barn where I made it. Puffing a bit since it's still 85 degrees and I may have used bigger stock than was really needed. (Wouldn't want a rickety milk stand)  We make it down the hill and ... it won't fit through my lovely new dutch doors. Damn. We stand there glaring the door.  Surely it has shrunk in the heat. Why did I have to put the milker's seat on the stand?

The power tools come back out. I partially dismantle the damn thing. We get it into place, put it back together and I screw it to the wall. One more gate latch to put up and we're ready for the goats!
Saanen's in the pasture.

Saturday- time to get Nellie and the twins.

After another practice milking with Eric (the breeder) we bring Nellie and the twins home. She's not thrilled with the new digs. And she's a lot bigger than my milking stand. And we have to milk her tonight. Damn.


With Nellie and the twins watching I hastily add a much bigger extension on to the deck. Stupid Internet plans.

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