Sunday, May 12, 2013

Whoa Nellie


Nellie and the twins aren't impressed with my goat bunker. It's new and strange and I'm not the same human that usually hangs out with them. And there's a cat in their water.

8 pm Saturday
I'm completely knackered from the week of construction and the milk stand re-do. But it's time to milk before going to bed.
Nellie doesn't want to come out of the pen.
She won't lead, she won't eat the treats, the kids are yelling and trying to escape.
This is not good.
8:30 pm
Nellie is one the milking stand. Woo hoo!
She won't put her head in the stanchion, it's too low. Crap.
8:45 pm
Mom ties her to the stand and hand feeds her goat treats while I try to milk her. Nellie is not happy and I'm an inept milker.


I finally get milk out of Nellie. It's not an impressive amount, but everyone survives the process and goes to bed exhausted.

Sunday morning -- rebuilt the damn milking stand.

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