Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weathering the storm

Thunder and lightening have been rolling though my neighborhood ever afternoon for most of the week and are expected to continue for several more days. So not a lot of computer time for  me. Which really hasn't made an impact except for the neglect of the blog.  Between the garden and the goats I'm out side most of the time anyway and by the time I drag myself indoors whatever thoughts I had for a post has disappeared.  Someone really needs to come up with a way to blog directly from my brain. That and fix hot flashes. Although I think if the world of science would spend less time working on more versions of Viagra we would all ready have that cure. Damn hormones.
 But I digress.... lots of photos and new nonsense when the weather calms done.  Well maybe not until after the next batch of summer guests leave. This weekend starts the next round of summer visitors that stretches into September.

So cross you fingers that the lightening doesn't hit anything important or start a forest fire. 

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